Here you can find some videos with my compositions. They show a wide spectrum that includes experimental music, film music as well as classical contemporary music. You can find more videos on my YouTube channel.

Etüden und Intermezzi für Yamaha PSS-7 (2020)

I wrote this composition for a Yamaha PSS-7 keyboard that came into my possession many years ago as my sister's discarded children's toy from the 1990s. In this piece I present the unimagined possibilities of this instrument in various etudes and interludes. 

Eine öde morgendliche Fahrt in der Münchner U-Bahn (2020)

Imagine getting up at 6 a.m. to be punctually at 8 a.m. at work. Like every morning you take the full, barren subway, fight against your tiredness and ... .. lose! A few minutes later you realize that you have missed your station. You jump up, run out of the train in a panic, but realize that you have arrived at an unknown station ...

Studie 001 (utopian dystopia) (2020)

How quickly a utopia can turn into a dystopia. A brilliant idea that is supposed to help or even save people can lead to their annihilation so quickly. 

Studie 002 (conversation) (2020)

The protagonists of this piece are two characters who have become estranged from one another and can therefore no longer communicate with one another in a dialogue. 

Studie 002 c) (piano) (2020)

This piece is the third in a series of studies with the number two. The text of the piece is a riddle, the solution of which is already known.