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"Lumina" is a fantasy world that I created as a child. Now, I reflect this fantasy world in my works. The first of these works is the film "Lumina [Prolog]." In this film, you are gradually led from a place in the universe to the planets of Lumina. At the end, you also hear the first artwork of Lumina – an ancient Tranian song. This song praises Lumina:

topaka kapato lu mina kaso.

teka katimo rre lemina topaka mina ki.

katima lekate, tokama kaso

ketamo tometopaka meto rre mina taki.

"O, you wonderful world, have brought everything before. We admire your gifts, here and for eternity. Swift animals, beautiful plants, life-giving water, sky and earth.".


In the film, the first musical notation of Lumina is also shown. It is written from top to bottom and left to right. The notes are located on the lines, and the corresponding syllable to be sung is written to the right of them.

Die tranische Notenschrift von der Welt Lumina
Die tranische Notenschrift von der Welt Lumina 1
Die tranische Notenschrift von der Welt Lumina 3
Die tranische Notenschrift von der Welt Lumina 2

The song is written in a six-note scale. In comparison to the major key, the following steps are included: I, II, IV, V (+2 cents), VI, and VII (-31 cents).

The concept behind the chosen tones is rooted in the prevalence of pentatonic scales on Earth and the constant of the overtone series that exists throughout the universe. As a result, the fifth and the seventh are detuned to align with the overtone series.

The musical notation is inspired by the writing system of the Vulcans from Star Trek Enterprise.

In this notation system, each pitch has a symbol. The first step is represented by a circle. The second by a dot, the third step by a line, the fourth by a triangle, the fifth by a square, and the sixth by a diamond.

These symbols are aligned with the previously developed script for the ancient Tranian language to create a unified appearance.

The durations of the notes are determined by connecting, passing through, or omitting these symbols. If an arch connects two symbols (1), the note's duration is doubled. If it connects three symbols, the duration is tripled.

If the arch passes through a symbol (2), the duration is halved. These two states of the arch can also be combined (3).

If no arch is present, the note's duration remains normal.

Karte von Lumina der Fantasiewelt von Fabian Blum
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